JSON Jumpstart

* In JSON curly braket is a sign of a new object ({ or })
* Any variable inside the object, also known as object's attribute, is accessible using a period sign (.) object.attribute
* or you can also acces it using an "associative array" such as object['attribute']
* You'll need a Firefox with Firebug extension to see the result from console.log or IE9 with its built-in Developer Tools

// =========================
// JSON Object
// =========================
var var1 = {
// The line above will output> Object { var1_1="value1_1", var1_2="value1_2"}
// The line above will output> value1_1
// The line above will output> value1_1

// =========================
// JSON Array
// =========================
// In JSON square braket is a sign of an array ([ or ])
// Any array element is accessible by using a square bracket and followed by an index (0,1,2,...)
var var2 = ['value2_1', 'value2_2'];
// The line above will output> ["value2_1", "value2_2"]
// The line above will output> value2_1

var var3 = [{
// The line above will output> [Object { var3_1="value3_1", var3_2="value3_2"}, Object { var3_3="value3_3", var3_4="value3_4"}]
// The line above will output> value3_1

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