Calling a mysql query from linux or dos command line

There are times when you want to call a mysql command from the bash or dos script then call this script in a scheduler (cron job).
The example below will show you how to do so.


-u is where you put your username, you can either put a space or no space at all after the -u (both works). As you can see I prefer not to put any space.
-p is where you put your password.
-D is your database name. That’s a capital D.
-e this is where your query will go. It needs to be quoted (“). If it’s calling a stored procedure or stored function, you’ll need to use the CALL keyword, otherwise if it’s just a simple query don use the CALL keyword.

Remove all svn directory

Subversion (SVN) sometimes clutter our source directory by creating .svn folder in each folder or sub folder that we version control.

The easiest way to erase them is by using a bash command:

find . -name ".svn" -type d -exec rm -rf {} \;